Gold funnel neck knitted sleeveless top

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Gold funnel neck knitted sleeveless top

Primary Colour:    Gold

Secondary Colour:   

Description:  Such a beautiful knitted gold short sleeve funnel neck top.  Its in a very loose weave so pretty see-through.  The knitted body is quite fitted, with a slightly wider neck

Product size:    Best Fit : Small

Product Tag/Label:    Ian Peters - made in England

Product Fabric/Material:   Polyester/Nylon

Product Condition:    Good condition


Length back neck to waist:    60 cm

Waist :     37 cm

Shoulder to shoulder (outer):    36 cm

Shoulder to shoulder (inner):    28 cm

Back bust:     41 cm

Product Flaws:    The loose weave knit catches easily and there are pulls in the fabric - which can be easily needed away by the new owner